Welcome to Grandma's Nook

Welcome Note

Grandma's Nook is a top creche and preschool in Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria. We are here to give your child the best training for their perfect and total development. Your child's nurturing is important to you as well as to us. So we make sure, we render the best to your kids in your absence. You can trust us.


To nurture kids at their infancy so they could have a good and lasting impact in their families, societies and all around the world.To provide, instill, maintain and enhance quality early education and homely care in the children by being an advocate of inspiration thereby constantly to be an example in early years childcare and learning practice.

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is designed to care for your child on a total and entire basis. We make the kids participate in sports, music, language development lessons, reading classes, creative classes and much more.

Our Mission


To promote a learning organization in a conducive environment by providing innovative educative programmes and imparting moral values towards the development of the children’s mind. To care for and nurture the seeds of growth and development so that every child can be spiritually upright and distinguished in the society.



At Grandma's Nook, we train your child on how to read by engaging them in reading classes. We take time to develop their reading habits by making them listen as interesting stories are read to them. We also make sure they read themselves.

We make your kids have fun and express their creativity in a fun-filled environment. We provide them with all required for them to enjoy themselves and explore their talents.

At Grandma's Nook, the physical and mental development of your child are important to us. So we give them the platform to improve their fitness by engaging them in both physical and mental exercises that will make them healthy.

We teach your child what personal hygiene is all about. Like the importance of washing the hands, brushing the teeth, keeping the surroundings clean and so on. We introduce to them the advantages of these health measures.

We also make sure your kids are as responsible and well-mannered as anyone can get. We tutor them on respect for the elderly, the roles of kids in the home, obeying rules and regulations and much more.